2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Men's Bodybuilding Top 7 Play by Play
By Fakhri Mubarak

21 IFBB Pro Bodybuilders hit the stage at the 2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Men's Bodybuilding prejudging this evening.  The head judge, Steve Weinberger, asked for just 3 competitors to come to the front of the stage for first call out  – Victor Martinez, Jon  Delarosa, and Fouad Abiad.  After hitting the mandatory poses, Victor was moved to the center with Jon on his right and Fouad on his left.  The trio was sent back in line and a group of 4 more competitors, Moe Bannout, Clarence DeVis, Frank McGrath, and Bill Wilmore were called to center stage to battle for 4th & 5th place, with Frank and Moe being moved to the inside spots.

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#1 Fouad Abiad – Fouad looks good! He's fuller and hard than he was at the Arnold.  His hamstrings are shredded! His symmetry looks real good and he held his waist in.

#4 Moe Bannout – Moe is always conditioned.  He's got shredded glutes and ripped hamstrings.  His conditioning is real good but he could be a little bigger.  If he gained another 10 lbs of muscle on his physique, he could steadily place in the top 5 at most pro shows.

#7 Jon Delarosa – Jon placed 2nd at this show last year and 3rd at the NY Pro last week.  He's really hard and has very good shape and conditioning.

#8 Clarence DeVis – Clarence has a lot of muscle! He's got good proportions, good hamstrings, and a thick back.  He looks very confident on stage.  He's got great arms and a very good most muscular pose.

#14 Frank McGrath – Frank is very hard.  He could be a little fuller but he's very vascular.  This is the most conditioned that I've seen him.

#19 Bill Wilmore – Bill is the defending champion of this show from last year.  He was fuller and harder last year.  His front poses look good but he needs to be a little tighter in the back.

#21 Victor Martinez – Victor has good conditioning and his symmetry is fantastic.  We've seen him a little bigger and he was a little drier at the NY Pro last week when he placed 2nd.  He's in great shape though.

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