They share more than just a last name. Dexter Jackson and Johnnie Jackson are, in that order, the two men who’ve entered the most IFBB Pro League contests. Collectively, they’ve competed in 167 over the past 19 years, including 25 times in which they shared the same stage. And all the while they de ed Father Time. Johnnie won two pro shows last year at age 46 before retiring, and Dexter, fourth in last year’s Mr. Olympia, is still going strong at 48. In terms of physique, their pecs and traps rank among the best ever. But the similarities end there. Dexter has fuller legs and much larger arms, but Johnnie was substantially wider. J-Jax never bested D-Jax, but even if it’s not close, this clash of ageless wonders is worth seeing one final time.


as of March 2018

  • PRO WINS: Dexter: 28 VS. Johnny: 6
  • YEARS AS PRO: Dexter: 19 VS. Johnny: 16
  • PRO CONTESTS: Dexter: 85 VS. Johnny: 82
  • AGE: Dexter: 48 VS. Johnny: 47 
  • WEIGHT: Dexter: 230 VS. Johnny: 240
  • HEIGHT: Dexter: 5’6″ VS. Johnny: 5’7″
  • BEST POSE: Dexter: Front Double Biceps VS. Johnny: Rear Lat Spread
  • WORST POST: Dexter: Rear Lat Spread VS. Johnny: Abs & Thigh
  • STRENGTHS: Dexter: Biceps, Chest, Abs VS. Johnny: Traps, Back, Chest
  • WEAKNESSES: Dexter: Calves, Quad Sweep VS. Johnny: Calves, Thighs