GPLC This patented compound combines the aminoacid glycine with a form of carnitine called propionyl-L-carnitine that is better absorbed by muscle tissue and also provides the body an extra source of energy. Both glycine and carnitine are known to boost nitric oxide in the body. One study reported that trained male weightlifters supplementing with GPLC for four weeks had 30% higher NO levels after workouts than with a placebo. It appears that GPLC may work by increasing the activity of the enzyme responsible for converting arginine into NO.

FOLATE This B vitamin regulates bodily reactions that directly influence on the amount of arginine that can be converted to NO. Folate is also necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells. Since bodybuilding involves the breakdown of old muscle cells and the building of new ones, this vitamin is important for muscle growth.

TAKE IT LIKE THIS About 30-45 minutes pre-workout, take 4.5 grams of GPLC and 400-800 micrograms of folate or folic acid. You can take them close to or with your pre-workout shake, unlike most other NO boosters.