For decades, supplement researchers have sought the "holy grail" of all-natural testosterone support and increase. The benefits afforded by increased T-levels represent every manifestation of male power and potency–strength, vitality, aggression, and libido. In effect, maximized T-levels are the foundation stone of manhood.

Athletes have long recognized the paramount role that maximized endogenous testosterone plays in the optimization of physique and performance. Unfortunately, for far too long, the solutions available to them have been limited or non-existent. Merely augmenting levels of testosterone through artificial means (as with injections or gel applications of synthetic testosterone) has the disastrous effect of inhibiting or shutting down the body's own secretion of this essential male hormone. In extreme cases, this condition can be long-lasting or even permanent. Synthetics are also associated with numerous other undesirable side effects.

The key, then, lies in supporting and facilitating the body's own production of testosterone, so as to achieve consistently high and maintainable T-levels, through all-natural mechanisms of action.  This science has been a long time coming to fruition. The identification and isolation of key active ingredients and their extraction, purification, and standardization have presented insurmountable challenges to all but the most skilled and dedicated research teams.

Recent breakthroughs made by one team in particular have now resulted in the first true clinical-grade, all-natural technology of testosterone maximization. This is a development of critical importance to all men, and we're about to investigate this scientific leap forward in great detail here. But first, let's take a look at the basic facts of testosterone, manhood and performance.

Testosterone: The All-Important Male Hormone

Testosterone is an androgenic/anabolic hormone that is derived from cholesterol and secreted by the testes and adrenal cortex (in small amounts) in males. A normal healthy young man produces about 7 mg per day, of which less than 5% is derived from adrenal secretions. Testosterone in the blood is largely bound to plasma proteins with only 2-5% present as bioavailable free-testosterone.  Testosterone levels peak between 25 and 30 years of age and decrease by 1-2% per year thereafter. In healthy aging, the amount of testosterone produced gradually decreases to about 50%; however, many environmental factors can prematurely lower the amount of free-testosterone (even in young men). A few common testosterone-lowering factors include work stress, alcohol consumption, and poor sleep and dietary habits.

Total testosterone in males (depending on which study you look at) ranges between 270-1100 ng/dl and free testosterone declines naturally with age: 20-40yrs =15.0-40.0 pg/ml, 41-60yrs= 13-35 pg/ml, 61-80yrs= 12-28 pg/ml. The only way to really know if your levels are acceptable or normal is to visit your physicIan For a physical examination and blood test. However, common symptoms of low testosterone are low libido and erectile dysfunction, declining energy levels, depression, and, in extreme cases, hot flashes. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, then see your physicIan For blood work.

For the bodybuilder, recreational athlete, or even average Joe, keeping testosterone levels elevated should be of primary importance. After all, it is primarily responsible for maintaining male sex characteristics and, as such, plays a key role in stimulating protein synthesis and muscle growth, especially in response to weight training. Beyond its potent muscle building effects, testosterone stimulates sex drive, sperm production and maturation, aggression, appetite, physical vigor, and sense of well-being.

Over the past several years, research suggests that testosterone levels in North American men are declining, a result of inactivity, increased body fat, and/or high levels of psychological stress. Although you may be in good shape, you are not immune from one or more environmental factors that lower bioavailable free-testosterone. In fit individuals, dieting, intense training, and age (if you are over 30) significantly impacts free-testosterone levels. Because of its profound effects on strength, protein synthesis, recovery, appetite stimulation, energy, and aggression, the need for testosterone optimization in weight-trained athletes cannot be overstated. Hence the current epidemic of illegal and unhealthy anabolic steroid use in amateur and professional sports.


Protodioscin: The Ultimate Natural Solution

No other hormone in the body regulates mood, strength, and muscularity like testosterone does. Studies have shown that even small elevations in testosterone for short periods of time can have profound effects on body mass, bench press strength, and anaerobic power. However, studies illustrating this generally use synthetic testosterone injections. Fortunately for those who do not want to risk their health or eligibility in regulated sports, supplement research has led to the development of natural testosterone boosters.

Since the prohormone ban, supplement scientists have worked day and night to find compounds that naturally optimize testosterone production and bioavailability. Natural testosterone boosters have been around for centuries, but their primary use was to increase virility. Today it is well known that the most potent natural testosterone boosting compounds are botanical extracts called steroidal saponins. To bodybuilders, the most important saponin is protodioscin, which (when administered in high concentration) promotes the greatest anabolic effects.

And here is where the story gets complicated. Once researchers isolated an all-natural saponin that functions as a precursor or trigger to increases in total and free testosterone, there should have been rejoicing across the land. Synthetic steroids should have been relegated to the trash bin of history, and men everywhere should have been grateful to benefit from a highly effective mechanism that served to up-regulate their own bodies' natural production of testosterone.

Unfortunately, it didn't happen quite that way, certainly not right away.  The reasons for this have more to do with the vagaries of the marketplace than with the rigors of scientific investigation. First it should be noted that Big Pharma has shown little interest in a botanical source of protodioscin that (thus far, at least) has resisted being synthesized and patentable. So nutritional supplement researchers have been on their own in this area of investigation.

Secondly, and much more importantly, there's a lot more to supplement science than simply identifying a mechanism of action and putting it in a bottle. In the case of protodioscin, the herbal extracts that served as its source varied widely in quality from geographic region to region. After a long quest, scientists found that the most potent protodioscin could be derived from a plant native to Bulgaria. And then there was the matter of extraction and standardization. To achieve a true clinical-grade extract of protodioscin from its plant-based source required a level of refinement and processing far beyond the capabilities of virtually every supplement manufacturer in existence. Indeed, so rigorous was the extraction process that more than 20,000 pounds of raw plant material had to be subjected to many complex and expensive extraction steps to yield a few pounds of clinical-grade bio-active protodioscin.

Predictably, most manufacturers simply refused to acknowledge the difficulty and expense required to produce an effective, all-natural, protodioscin-based T-booster. Instead, they jammed raw, indifferently sourced plant extract into a bottle, hyped the "new science," and hoped no one would notice the difference. But athletes who recognize and demand results, DID notice the difference. Today, most of those disreputable supplement companies are gone.

But the science itself, the technology of protodioscin-supported testosterone increase, was validated then and it is even more validated today as exciting new research continues to emerge. What was required was one company to invest in the major research and development undertaking to create a truly bio-active high-potency protodioscin-containing product. That company was ProSource, and the product is AndroTest.  While the process was highly complex and costly, the end result represents one of the most exciting developments our industry has ever seen.  In fact, I can say that this protodioscin innovation is hands down the most significant breakthrough in natural testosterone enhancement I've seen in all my years as a supplement researcher.  

AndroTest Delivers a Truly Extraordinary Level of Testosterone Enhancement

This exciting protodioscin breakthrough is 100% proprietary and exclusive to AndroTest.  Of all the T-boosters available, AndroTest stands out in terms of research and potency. ProSource's R&D team is comprised of Ph.D. level scientists, who use the most stringent state-of-the-art laboratory procedures and certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs); operating at a level that might even rival some pharmaceutical companies.

To produce AndroTest they use only the most potent, complete-spectrum raw materials and an advanced multiple-phase extraction process. In contrast to conventional alcohol extraction methods, this multi-phase extraction system reduces the involvement of solvents and high heat, and yields significantly higher purity, reduces residual solvents in the final product, and reduces thermal damage to its bio-active compounds. With such stringent levels of quality control, AndroTest is the only full spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super compound standardized (and guaranteed) to contain a minimum of 80% total saponins, 60% total furostanol saponins, with 40-48% protodioscin and 28% steroidal glycopeptides–a level of potency that is not even approached by any competitor I've ever seen.


The Study that Marked the Dawn Of the Modern Era of T-Boosting Science

To accurately measure and validate the potency and power of this precise herbal matrix, the researchers at ProSource sent it to an independent clinical laboratory for scientific testing. This laboratory subjected it to a comprehensive double blind 4-week clinical study which in the end yielded results that have astounded researchers worldwide with a level of effectiveness never seen before in the natural test boosting category.  In fact, this study stands as evidence to suggest that it is the most potent T-boosting product available today and perhaps ever created. Subjects in this clinical study were aged 35 to 55 years and were randomized to take either AndroTest or an identical looking placebo for four weeks.

Statistical tests indicated significant increases in free testosterone levels, up to 218% over baseline, and significant increases in total testosterone levels, as high as 275%. These results represent actual increases over baseline test levels for respective subjects (as opposed to compared to placebo) which makes the results all the more astounding. Simply put, I've never seen any natural product produce results that even approach this level of potency.  At the same time, the other important finding of this study was the fact that these increased levels were sustained (and actually further increased) even at the end point of the study, which means this may be the first product of its kind to yield significant increases in testosterone that were long lasting. The importance of this can not be understated as it is well known that test levels need to be elevated for extended periods to help contribute towards improved muscle growth and body composition.  

So clearly this research has shown that the concentrated bioactive botanical extracts in AndroTest raise both total blood testosterone and free testosterone. How does it do this? First, high levels of protodioscin stimulate luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion from the anterior pituitary gland. This increase in circulating LH activates the Leydig cells in your testes to signal for testosterone production, thereby promoting increased total testosterone. Second, AndroTest's bioactive glycopeptides increase the release rate of testosterone from sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG), giving rise to higher blood levels of free-testosterone which is first and foremost critical for promoting enhanced muscle growth.


T-Levels 53% Higher Than Those of a Normal 20-Year-Old: One 40-Year-Old Scientist's Experience With AndroTest

Beyond being a Professor and medical scientist, I am a 40-year old bodybuilder and have been competing on and off since I was 18. I first tried AndroTest a few years back and was blown away at how it made me feel. I have been using it ever since in my daily supplement regimen to keep my energy levels and libido charged, enhance my workout recovery, and boost my appetite (without making me fat). When I agreed to write this article, I decided to start a little experiment of my own (I guess it's the scientist in me). I went off AndroTest for 8 weeks and took a baseline blood sample. I then started a regimen of AndroTest and taking bloods every week at the same time. At the time when this article was due I had analyzed my baseline and week 1 and week 2 AndroTest serum testosterone/free-testosterone levels using an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) made by Diagnostic Automation Inc [catalogue #'s 2924Z (free-testosterone) and 2095Z (total testosterone)].

The preliminary week 1 data gave me two pleasant surprises; first I found out that my baseline testosterone and free-testosterone levels were high, even for a 20 year old (I am twice that age). So, what more could taking AndroTest do for me? Well, after only one week on AndroTest, my free-testosterone increased with clinical significance by over 30%! But even more remarkably, taking AndroTest for only one week raised my free- (bioavailable) testosterone by 40%, which actually pushed it to 61% higher than the highest clinical normal value for a man my age (and 53% higher than the highest clinical normal value for a 20 year old).  

In week 2, my total-testosterone and free-testosterone further increased by over 80% and 55% (respectively) of already high baselines. The magnitude of these increases is well above the threshold needed to promote very significant improvements in muscle development and strength and clearly helps explain why I've been able to maintain a better physique at 40 years old then when I was 25.  Based on my case and the independent case studies of four others featured in this article, I am convinced that AndroTest is a must for men of all ages who want to naturally maximize testosterone levels. The significant hormonal responses that I have personally experienced and measured in my own laboratory are certain to optimize energy levels and anabolic responses to training–all of which contributes to greater muscular growth, increases in strength, and decreases in body fat.

It's amazing how much information can be deduced from these four case studies. First and foremost, these independent cases are testament that, no matter how big or how young you are, you are not immune to the multitude of conditions that can lower total and free-testosterone. For bodybuilders and serious athletes, the most common testosterone-lowering factors are overtraining, changes in diet or caloric intake, stress, and sleep deprivation. From the latest data it is easy to see that AndroTest buffers low testosterone levels and can help push them into the supra-normal range in as little as 7 days. This is remarkable considering that synthetic prescription testosterone therapies like the gels and creams prescribed by physicians require 30 (and up to 180) days to achieve high level increases and even then they are not typically of this caliber.


A Legacy of Unrivaled T-Boosting Effectiveness

Of course, the examples cited above are only the most recent success stories associated with AndroTest. Perhaps the greatest testament to AndroTest's extraordinary power is the fact that it has been real-world-tested by countless athletes who have been relying on it to compete at the highest level of their sports. (As stated earlier, I count myself among those well-satisfied athletes.)

AndroTest is one of those rare products that became an instant best-seller when it hit the market but its popularity in recent months has literally been exploding. Why? Because AndroTest works … and it delivers those real world results in an all-natural, sustainable way that other T-boosters simply can't rival.

AndroTest represents a new chapter in the science of testosterone support. As a scientist, I'm certainly impressed with the data AndroTest generates. As a man, I can tell you that I know the real thing when I feel it, and I can say with certainty that I've never felt any product produce such powerful results as AndroTest.


CASE 1: Zach Cheney

A 25-year-old, 225lb, successful amateur bodybuilder from Phoenix Arizona, Zach had his blood work taken and analyzed by LabCorp. Before starting AndroTest, his baseline testosterone and free-testosterone levels were 187ng/dl and 2.8pg/ml respectively, far below clinically normal. After only 1 week on AndroTest, his levels shot into the normal range to 686 ng/dl (a 267% increase in total testosterone) and 15.3pg/ml (a 446% change in free-testosterone). In week two, Zach’s testosterone levels increased to 702ng/dl (275% over baseline) and free-testosterone climbed to 16.1pg/ml (475% over baseline). This is a remarkable example of how effectively AndroTest can take someone from clinically low serum testosterone to maximized in two weeks (or less).

"I had been hearing lots of buzz about AndroTest around the gym.  The fact that it was the hardcore guys raving about it made me suspect it had to be pretty good.  What I didn't know is that it would be the most powerful supplement I've ever used in my bodybuilding career.  The feeling of having test levels go up almost 5 times is unlike anything you can imagine.  The incredible surge in energy, confidence, and motivation has clearly played a HUGE role in my latest success in and out of the gym.  Thanks ProSource for a truly amazing product!"


CASE 2: Stephen Moore

A 22 year old bodybuilder, Steven had his blood work tested at the Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania.  Before starting AndroTest, he had clinically low total testosterone levels and low normal free-testosterone levels. After only 1 week on AndroTest, Steven's testosterone levels increased by 358% over his baseline. However, most importantly, his free testosterone levels increased 300% to 68 pg/ml. In week two, Steven's testosterone levels increased again to 432% over baseline and free-testosterone increased 335% over baseline to 74 pg/ml. This case exemplifies the robust impact that AndroTest can have on boosting total testosterone and significantly elevating free- (bioavailable) testosterone from subnormal to supranormal levels.  Again increases of this magnitude are simply extraordinary to say the least.

"I have used many supplements and products throughout the last 3 years I've spent training for bodybuilding, but nothing quite like AndroTest. Most testosterone boosters claim to give you that boost that you need in the gym, but fall short when it actually comes to performance. AndroTest gave me that boost I needed and made me realize how important it is to have elevated testosterone levels when training hard. I can say through personal experience that AndroTest is the real deal."


CASE 3: Luke Koval

A 26 year old weight training enthusiast from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Luke had his blood work done at Quest Diagnostics Inc. Before starting AndroTest his total testosterone level was about half of what is normal for his age and his free-testosterone was at the low end of normal. However, after only two weeks of AndroTest, Luke's total testosterone increased 71% and his free-testosterone went up by 30%.

"Being 26 years old, and physically active daily, I never would have thought that low T was affecting my gains. When I was able to participate in the AndroTest trial, I completed initial blood work to get baseline values and found out that I had low T. This was surprising but made sense as to why I had felt fatigued and not always in a great mood. Within 2 weeks of taking AndroTest, I increased my T values tremendously! I truly feel like a new man on the product, seeing strength gains, and more importantly feeling better. I'm looking forward to seeing how far this can take me in the coming weeks."


CASE 4: Mark Dorman

Mark Dorman was getting frustrated with his lack of progress in the gym and feeling sluggish, with no drive. Then he discovered the T-booster that turned it all around.

"I chose to invest in a bottle of AndroTest and the results were simply astounding. It took a week and a half to feel a level of motivation and energy I haven't felt in years. Ultimately, my training and diet were the key part of this transformation, but AndroTest gave me a motivational edge like I've never seen before. It's the strongest supplement I've ever used in all my time in the game. With the first bottle, my whole physical and mental outlook on training has changed. Now, I'm finally able to put out a level of intensity in the gym that yields real results!"