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In the ever evolving science of sports nutrition, scientists and biochemists find new and more dynamic ways of using products more efficiently. Human Evolution Supplements pre-workout Extreme Override® is an amazing example of utilizing specifically engineered and scientifically proven ingredients to take you to the next level of training.

Human evolution Override BERRY BLAST
The foundation of all pre-workouts in this market provide several important functions; sustained energy, improved recovery, improved delivery of nutrients to muscle cells and faster removal of waste from those cells. Extreme Override® in both it's original formula and the new Dragon series has found a far superior set of ingredients than what the current market utilizes. Extreme Override® contains an industry leading 750mg AgmaPure® and Carnosyn®, two of the newest ingredients improving workouts and recovery every single workout.

Most commonly thought to provide the greatest Nitric Oxide increase was the amino acid L-Arginine. What was discovered is that as L-Arginine is synthesized (decarboxylation) it creates a more potent ability to increase Nitric Oxide via Agmitate Sulfate. Nitric oxide causes vasodilation or a relaxing of the blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow, nutrient transport and waste removal. This in turn allows us to recover faster and grow muscle much more rapidly.

What scientists discovered is that a large portion of the decarboxylation destroys the resulting Agmatine Sulfate. A quest to create an artificial environment to reduce that potential was set in place. What they found was that by creating a type of fermentation effect, Agmatine Sulfate was sparred at very high rates and AgmaPure® was born. Now nitric oxide levels can increase even higher than thought previous to AgmaPure® allowing a greater delivery of muscle growing nutrients.

The other truly notable ingredient in Extreme Override® is the bio-friendly form of Beta-Alanine called Carnosyn. Beta-Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid essential for the synthesis of muscle Carnosine. Muscle Carnosine acts as a buffer which increases the time to onset of fatigue and ultimately failure. What this means is that Carnosyn® will allow your body to work harder, longer and reduced recovery time.

The newest version of this product is Dragon Override® and it bumps the product efficiency another step further. With the introduction of 400mg of Caffeine instead of the 350mg found in the capsule and powder forms of Extreme Override®, this takes energy in an bigger direction. You will also find other synergistic ingredients like the mild vasodilator Yohimbine HCL and the central nervous stimulator Higenamine HCL.

When looking for the next level of pre-workout that allows you to increase your work volume, grow bigger, faster and recover unlike any before, Human Evolution's Extreme Override® and Dragon Override® delivers unlike anything else on the market. Override is available in delicious Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry and capsule forms while the all new Dragon Override® is available in the amazing Cherry Lemonade flavor. Look for more detailed information at http://humanevousa.com/.