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If you’re planning to lean out in time for summer, make sure you have a strategic supplementation plan that will effectively melt fat off your body while helping you maintain a pump in the gym. A fat burner and pre-workout will be your foundation, followed by a trio of supps that will work to preserve that hard-earned muscle mass. The musclebuilding trilogy will take your fitness to new heights: expediting protein synthesis, boosting strength, and increasing energy levels. An effective yet simplistic plan is the real strategy for a summer shred.

Trilogy Stack Final Cut

The Ultimate Musclebuilding Stack

University of Tampa Research Reveals Bodybuilding’s Most Clinically Validated & Powerful Musclebuilding Stack! No other combination of pre-workout pills or protein powders can legitimately trigger the physiological processes needed to cause the mind-blowing muscle growth you want like this stack!

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Clear Muscle_0_0

Science-Backed Musclebuilding Breakthrough

The CLEAR MUSCLE formula is the first to contain BetaTOR, and is only available from MuscleTech in a clear liquid pill.

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Micellar Whey Muscletech

Protein's Biggest Breakthrough

MICELLAR WHEY is a new, exclusive protein designed for athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance.

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11031US_HYD_HC_NEXT_GEN_PSL_USa9_0003_cc_3D resized

The Next Evolution in Extreme Sensory

HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE NEXT GEN is the next generation of weight loss and extreme sensory!

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Anarchy Muscletech

Be King of the Gym With Anarchy

ANARCHY is a unique pre-workout that combines scientifically studied doses of patented Nitrosigine and HydroMax glycerol.

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Creactor – Creatine Comes Clean

Creatine Comes Clean With Creator

Get higher quality creatine at a better value and take the guesswork out of creatine—trust CREATOR.

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