Still Movin’ Up!

I found the secret. Ya, I know I got you all listening now. The secret to new growth and more strength is….wait for it…MORE FOOD! In the last blog I had just started my new diet and had informed you guys that it was a lot more food. Well, the onslaught continues!

This morning I woke up and had:

8oz Steak

10oz Potato

8 Egg Whites

3 Whole Eggs

I know what your gonna say, its crazy, its too much protein and not needed. Guess what, a few weeks ago I would have said the same thing but after seeing the results in the gym I am never going to dispute the power of more good calories in ones daily diet.

Potatoes were a bitch for me before; I was mixing all of my food with rice in an effort to get it down easier. I hated them; they were dry and didn’t make the protein portion go down any easier. Well I found the secret for that too and I’m gonna share it with you now, Mashed Potatoes! Not only have I realized how important potatoes are to my training but how good they are when you take time to make them. Here is what I have been doing:

-Boil 5lbs of potato, each day I make two mashed potato meals about 10-12oz in size

-1tbsp butter in a large pan

-After butters melted add boiled potato, mash with potato masher (I like my potato a little clumpy so I don’t bother mashing and whipping), after mashed somewhat add:

-1tsbp sour cream

-1/4-1/2 cup 2% milk

-Few dashes sea salt

-Few dashes black pepper

-Use spatula to mix and mash a little softer

-Mix and mash until sour cream and milk are mixed in to the potato


I know it sounds stupid, mashed potatoes are the key? The point is we’re all bodybuilders and are all looking for ways to get more food down so we can keep growing. I’m just letting you guys know what’s working for me. More food, more calorie dense food and more fruit to top it off.

In the gym I have been lifting like I was 25 again. Over the years with minor injuries here and there I have lost a lot of the raw power I had growing up. These last few weeks though I have been feeling much more powerful. Here are some of latest lifts, they aren’t huge but are big for me:

405lb Flat Bench X 10 reps


405lb Barbell Row X 8 reps (w/ straps)

495lb Stiff Legged Deadlift X 8 Reps (off the floor, no straps or belt)

Over the next few weeks I’m working on bringing some of that power to my legs. My quads have taken a beating this offseason and I need to give them some real heavy duty training to bring them in even bigger than I did last year. Nothing can stop me, I have completely revamped my eating and training and the new style is making me happy for sure. I will have some videos coming soon so keep checking back to FLEXONLINE.COM and in the future at my website FOUADABIAD.COM.

I will keep bringing you guys the new things I am learning week in and week out, to some of you they will seem obvious, to others they will help push you past your current limit. This latest shot was taken a couple days ago, my current weight is 290lbs.

Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad