Sorry I haven’t been around, but I’m on a plane home from St.Maarten right now and I thought what better time than now to give you guys all an update on life, career and bodybuilding. About two months ago I got an email from the Weider Office asking me if I’d like to guest pose in St.Maarten for a great show Allison Williams was putting on. I wasn’t sure at first but I thought it was a perfect idea since I had been off from the gym rehabbing my triceps tear. I had gotten a little outta shape and I needed something like this to kick me in the ass and get me back in the good offseason shape I have become used to. When I had confirmed my guest appearance with Christine Williams I was about a month out and ready to bring it down so I could really give them a great show! Right away I started smashing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach (stepmill only) for about 45min five days a week. I would always take Sunday off (traveling to see my therapist) and leg day off (like to keep them full for that workout). The second plan of attack was cleaning up all the garbage out of my diet. My daily diet for the month of August looked like this: Meal 1 90g Whey Isolate ¾ Cup Oatmeal (cooked) Meal 2 12oz Tilapia ¾ Cup Rice Meal 3 12oz Ground Steak 6oz Potato Pre-Workout 3 Scoops Evogen EVP 25g Evogen Glycoject Post Workout 2 Scoops Evogen Cell-Kem 50g Evogen Glycoject Meal 4 12oz Tilapia ¾ Cup Rice Meal 5 12oz Extra Lean Ground Turkey 1 Cup Veg Meal 6 12 Egg Whites 2 Whole Eggs 1 Tbsp P.B img_0720.jpg On that diet along with the cardio I was able to drop about 20lbs in that month and still keep my strength in the process. I’m gonna attribute the strength I had on low cals to the EVP; it really keeps me full and strong while training. A tip for you guys though, if your going to use it, it works better without stimulants, so cut them out before you train (better for growth anyway). I got into St.Maarten on Sept 2 and kept the diet going clean; Christine and Jose (president of their federation) picked me up from the airport pulling me past all the line and right through…amazing! They took me and my girl into a big Ford Excursion and took us to our resort hotel (The Royal Palms). As we got in we realized the fridge was already stocked with food, water and the room was fully equipped with a kitchen and anything else we needed. Completely taken care of like never before. The next night was the Allison Williams Extravaganza, which contained, fitness, figure, bikini, dancing, kung fu, brazillian martial arts, bodybuilding and a number of other events. I came out last and the crowd was absolutely amazing, not a large crowd but one of the loudest crowds I have posed for. A big thank you to all of them who came out and showed support. After the appearance was done me and my girl had decided we would stay and do some vacationing for till Thursday since we had never really taken an extended vacation together we had a lot of ground to cover, Christine, Allison and Jose took us out every night for some of the most amazing food I have ever had (something St.Maarten is known for). One place in particular I really enjoyed, well two, Pineapple Pete’s (rated tenth in the world) and Sushitto, which was another amazing sushi restaurant. The sushi ended up being on the house since the owner Cyrille decided he wanted me to put him through the ringer the next day at the gym…and no I didn’t take it easy on Aside from the great food my girl and I were able to rent a speed boat, jet-ski’s and horses on some of the other days…ok, I’m lying she rented a horse…lol, I was too big. The weight limit was 230 and I lied and said I was 250 but the guy didn’t buy, I tried. On our last night in St.Maarten I decided the time was right to do something I had been thinking about for a while. My girl and I had gone out for some dinner alone and as we were sitting over a glass of wine and some good food, as she was digging into her salad she hit a little black box. Yup, you guessed it, I’m a meathead and a, I popped the question and she actually said YES! All in all I think it was an amazing week and I owe it all to bodybuilding! I wouldn’t have been there if Weider hadn’t offered to send me, I wouldn’t have been taken care of like that if I hadn’t worked hard to earn my place near the top. Last but not least I wouldn’t have met my girl almost four years ago if Muscletech hadn’t sent me for an MRI to test out their Halo product that my girl was writing about. I followed my dream and it lead me down a road that helped me achieve all the other dreams I had always had in my heart. Next time someone says to you, ‘why bodybuild, there’s no money in it’, tell them its your dream and money can only buy so much happiness, fulfilling dreams will give you much more. SACRIFICE WITHOUT REGRET, Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad