Fort Lauderdale, FL – BPI Sports, a leading Sports Nutritional Supplement Company announces that it has agreed to enter into a partnership with the leading retail giant GNC. In less than 2 years, BPI has emerged as the industry leader in Ultra Concentrated based Sports Nutrition formulas, delivering fast results for better bodies. As part of this partnership, GNC will be offering BPI’s flagship product, 1.M.R, which stands for “ONE MORE REP”.  1.M.R is the original Ultra Concentrated Pre-Workout Powder designed to give you “the best workout of your life!”  Along with 1.M.R, GNC will be carrying the complete line of BPI products. 

This unique, one of a kind relationship, brings together two of Sports Nutrition’s greatest forces, the hottest and fastest growing  supplement brand in the country with the most powerful health based retailer in the world.   It is a long overdue partnership that will begin paying dividends immediately and for years to come. BPI will have a major in-store presence, including numerous future in-store promotions and consumer offers that will bring new eyes to the BPI brand and increased traffic to GNC stores. The availability of BPI products will be enhanced as well as the merchandising of existing GNC products and brands.   

“We are extremely proud to be part of the GNC family.  This partnership will allow BPI Sports to begin a  level of growth never before anticipated.  By leveraging the vast retail system at GNC it will ensure that BPI is available on a global level, delivering the best supplement options for consumers far and wide,”  said James Grage, Vice President of BPI.  “The timing couldn’t be better.  It will allow us to market and interact with the consumer like never before imaginable.”

GNC has more than 7,400 locations, of which more than 5,700 retail locations are in the United States (including 906 franchise and 2,075 Rite Aid franchise store-within-a-store locations) and franchise operations in 50 countries (including distribution centers where retail sales are made).  

With one of the most aggressive and innovative marketing campaigns in the Sports Nutrition industry, BPI has a very strong presence both Domestic and abroad.  “BPI is one of the largest advertisers in our niche, both online and print, but you haven’t seen anything yet.” says Grage.  “Right now we’re launching a national billboard campaign in over fifteen major cities, including Time Square in New York City, for our flagship product 1.M.R.  This will help us reach a completely new audience. Expect to see big things from BPI SPORTS.”


“GNC is excited to add another fantastic brand like BPI Sports to our assortment.   We continue to be the dominant retailer in our space by working closely with our “vendor partners” to provide many value added programs for our customers such as gifts with purchase, bonus sizes, unique flavors and formulas and overall great price,” said Tom Dowd, GNC Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer and General Manager.

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Headquartered in Hollywood, FL, BPI is the fastest growing Sports Nutrition company, both domestic and abroad, with products in popular categories such as weight loss, muscle building and athletic performance. For more information on BPI SPORTS please visit or on facebook at