As told by Guy Cisternino, " I was driving into Long Island for work on Thursday mid morning, doing about 60-65. There was a bucket truck driving in the middle lane.  The driver was talking on his cell phone (illegal in the state of NJ without a hands fee) and he was lost, so he wanted to turn around on the main highway.  As I came up along side of him he cut into my lane and hit his breaks trying to make an illegal left hand turn on the main highway, and I had no time to stop and I drove right into the back of his truck.  I suffered a broken thumb, glass in my arm, bruised ribs and shins, and some neck and back pains from the impact.  I was lucky to escape alive as the paramedics put it, since my car was destroyed.  When the cops arrived they asked how many times my car flipped because of the extensive damage.  I told them it never flipped that was just from the impact.  Both front and back windshields exploded, the entire dashboard separated and landed on my legs and the air bag disengaged on the driver side.  All in all it was one of the scariest moments of my life that I will never forget, but also thankful for still being here. "

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