Starting Over

Fakhri Mubarak and I have teamed up and I am excited to see the results of this next six months.


What do we all really want as bodybuilders?  We’re looking for perfection in our own mind seen through our eyes in the mirror.  We destroy ourselves daily, eating insane amounts of food, disgusting concoctions they would only serve to people in prison.  We wake up at the early hours of the morning when every normal person is still sleeping, just to get to a gym somewhere and walk on a treadmill like hamsters running on a wheel.  Then to top it all off, we go to the gym, hoist plates of iron day in and day out, tearing every fiber in our body just so that our muscles will grow stronger and be able to handle our insanity.

What the hell are we doing?  Somehow all this crazy shit adds up to a lifestyle that we all love and would never let go of.  It doesn’t pay well, its not cool, we miss out on the best occasions but somehow we love it and will do anything to feel the sweat drip from our chins as we conquer one more rep in the squat rack.

This is how I feel everyday, I take note of the things I’m doing and look at them as they are, crazy!  I’ve been bodybuilding for thirteen years now, which isn’t a long time when I talk to some of my peers but it is a long time to hone one craft.  I have done it all, low carb, no carb, high protein, low protein, healthy fat, shitty fat, you name it I’ve tried it.

I have worked with the best in the world and I have worked on my own and achieved results with both.   I have worked out at hole in wall gyms and I have trained at some of the cushiest lazy ass gyms in the world but was still able to muster up the fire to kill myself with every rep.

So where am I going with all this you ask?  I’m sitting on a plane right now heading to Florida for a guest posing appearance and am looking back in my mind at the things I have done to reach the point where I am now.  I am also sitting wondering where I go from here and how I end up in first class from now on instead of just looking through that shitty curtain between me and the comfortable seats lol.

I have done a lot of traveling this year and met a lot of people and through it all I have listened to a lot of different philosophies.  Some made up, some backed by science and some backed by experience and some that make no sense at all.  Throughout the last couple years of my bodybuilding career I have been chasing the physique I had back in 2008, a smaller waist and clean flowing lines (so I’ve been told).  In the last month after looking back at everything and trying to formulate a proper plan to get myself into the top ten or six in the world I think I have come up with the only option left for me.

Sure, my physique in 2007-8 was nice to look at but with all honestly I was 17th at the Olympia with that physique.  Pretty doesn’t win shows, what I’ve come up with instead is the acceptance that pretty went out the window when I broke 240lbs.  The only way left for me is to fill this frame in and give them what they want, big, freaky, shredded muscle. 

No more looking for the aesthetic physique, I’ll leave that to the smaller guys or the guys who are born with it.  My physique isn’t built that way and its time to capitalize on the big frame I have by filling it in.  I have taken the important step of hiring one of the top nutritionists in the game that has the same freaky vision I have.

Fakhri Mubarak and I have teamed up and I am excited to see the results of this next six month onslaught I am going to put my body through.  I am going to eat like a beast, train like an animal and sleep like a baby for the next six months and come 2013 you guys will be looking at a different Hoss.  Our goal for the next show is a stage ready 270lbs, only time will tell if I can put in the work to get it done and show what I’m really made of.  After the embarrassing mistake I made at the 2012 Arnold I have no other motivation but to show my fans that I am willing to sacrifice everything to earn my place in bodybuilding history.  I am willing to eat shitty food, wake up before the suns up and definitely willing to lift every pound of iron I can until my body breaks or I achieve my result.

Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad