After winning my pro card at the North American’s, I turned my training down a notch, my body was really beaten up from the whole prep and it felt good to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, which most of the time was tons of ice cream!

I took a mini vacation from the gym (7 days off) and went to Florida with my parents. It felt good to get together with my family for a week, we went out to eat at least twice a day and just did tons of family activities.

So after letting my body rest for a while with me backing down from my training and getting some really good rest, I started my training this morning. I am currently 250 and the goal is to get up to 280 before I start dieting down. Let’s see if I can reach that weight, my highest off-season weight to date was 275.

After viewing the shows for 2012, I have decided to make my Pro debut at the New York Pro. I am very excited to do this show and step on stage a pro. Since this is my hometown and I have a huge family; anyone who was in Vegas for the USA’s know that I had 30 family members out there in the crowd cheering; I expect to have a crowd of 50 or more from family members out there in the crowd cheering and friends showing support.

This past Saturday, I celebrated my daughter’s birthday as she turned 10 years old. We had a huge Halloween party for her. Her birthday is on Halloween, but that was a Monday and it’s a school day so her party was thrown for her on Sunday.

Last, but not least, I am now signed with Weider/AMI and that means the world to me! Being a Weider athlete is a dream come true. I am honored to work with such a great organization and I will do my best to be a great competitor and represent them as best as I can.