Raw Strength: Russian Powerlifter Sets World Records

Andrew Malanichev is the world's strongest raw lifter. Don't believe it? Watch this 1,045-pound squat.

Raw Strength: Russian Powerlifter Sets World Records

Russian Powerlifter Andrey Malanichev can do what only a handful of men in the world can do—he can squat over 1,000 pounds.  But what separates the Russian from those other guys is his "equipment—" or lack thereof.

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While it isn't uncommon to see a lifter destroy a 1,000+ pounds squat while wearing a suit that aids the lifter, Malanichev is using only knee wraps.  He owns the world record for the raw squat, and on Dec. 5 at the WRPF championship he smashed his own record—passing the 1,036 pounds mark that he set in August.  See him crush an unbelievable 1,045-pound (475kg) squat here:

Oh and by the way, as a result of the 2,502-pound total that he accumulated by the end of his meet, Malanichev now owns the largest raw powerlifting total in history, and he is the first raw lifter to cross the 2,500-pound threshold.

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