It’s almost like it happened all of a sudden; one day I was fine and then the brutal hunger set in. Up to now, I would eat every 2.5hrs sometimes every 2hrs because it didn't really matter. In the last couple days it has become 2hrs on the dot like clockwork; to be honest I am counting the minutes sometimes or am trying to find things to keep me busy so I don't have to think about being hungry.

I am really close to being ready and am super excited to hit the stage, I really believe this will be my best package yet and it should allow me to stand with anyone on that stage. The hunger is funny though, it’s kind of like I'm not even really hungry for crap (although I would like it) but just hungry in general.

Last night I woke up starving at about 4am, walked over to the cupboard, opened it and just stared at the peanut butter. I don't know why I was staring at it, I knew deep down inside there was no way I was going to cheat but I just kept looking at it…lol. It started to drive me nuts so I opened the fridge, chugged some water and sat down at the computer. Couldn't sleep and was starving so what does someone do when all they can think about is food? I did what anyone would do, I started downloading movies and music. Don't ask me how that helped but I did it long enough that around 5:30am I was able to crash again for a couple hours.

That oatmeal meal in the morning has to be one of the best things ever, its amazing how when your starving something like oatmeal can be an absolute treat. The show is only about 25 days away now and it seems like everyone is really bringing their best to this show. I've talked to Evan and he seems like he's on track and excited; I've seen some pics of Dennis and Ben White and am really impressed by them as well; I hear Pak-Man is really turning up the heat now also; and of course Dexter is the Blade so he's for sure going to be on.

There are a lot of competitors and I think when you sacrifice throughout the holidays and miss so many events in a row you really want to make it worth it. I mean think about it, if you miss, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and most football parties the last thing on earth you would want is to show up off. Not only that, everyone coming into this show wants to get into the ASC or if they’re already in wants to get the momentum jump. It’s also the first show of the season and everyone is watching.

I'm a fan just like all of you and after having a few months off without any shows I am excited to get the season started and watch how it unfolds! Its going to be a great show and I appreciate all the emails and messages from all of you wishing me the best. For those of you who are going to be there rooting for me, I am going to do my best to put on a great show for everyone! Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad