If you’re looking to blow up your chest and triceps —look
 no further, than the “Chest Blaster Pushup Protocol”.


You’re going to need an aerobic step, some dumbbells, or a thick book for this one. Perform these four pushup variation exercises back-to-back as quickly as possible, with good form, of course! Complete at least five reps per move without allowing your knees to touch the ground.

1. Lock Off

Get into pushup position over the platform. Lower your body until your chest is just above the floor, then push back up. Reach up with one hand and slap your opposite pec muscle. Do all of your reps
on one side and then switch hands.

2. Crossover Pushup

Perform a pushup with one hand on the platform, then quickly switch hands and do one with the opposite hand.

3. Close-grip Pushup

Place both hands on the platform with your fingers pointed toward the floor and perform pushups, squeezing hard the whole time.

4. Drop ’n’ Pop

With your hands on each side of the platform, drop down into
a pushup so your chest touches the platform. Then explosively push yourself back up so your hands come up in the air. Catch yourself on the platform. Walk your hands back down to the sides and repeat.


There are several reasons why the Chest Blaster Pushup Protocol works to build insane size in your chest and tri’s:

  • High volume: It’s no secret that increased muscular work volume creates overload, which stimulates hypertrophy gains.
  • Creates an insane pump: Boosting blood flow into the muscle causes cell swelling, which research has shown can stimulate muscle size gains.
  • High intensity: Moving fast and lifting heavy are both proven ways to increase motor unit recruitment. The fast, explosive nature of this pushup circuit ensures maximal motor unit recruitment with every rep!
  • Hits your chest and tri’s in a variety of ways: Not only will this new training stimulus spark new muscle gains, but the four different variations of pushups utilized in this protocol also ensure you hit your pecs and triceps from several ways.


Don’t let your ego fool you—just because this protocol uses only your body weight, doesn’t mean it’s easy! It’s called the Chest Blaster for a damn good reason! That said, as with any other training concept, I recommend you gradually progress into this to ensure that you create continued overload without overtraining.

Here’s how you can gradually progress with the chest blaster workout over a six-week period. The goal is not just to complete all the reps; it’s also to complete all the reps, back-to-back, with speed, deliberate control, and optimal form.


I have three favorite ways to use the Chest Blaster
 Pushup Protocol:

  1. As a burn-out finisher on chest or arms day.

  2. Mixed in as part of a comprehensive chest and/or arms workout.
  3. As an express or on-the-go chest and tri’s workout for athletes who are traveling, in a rush, or training at home.


If you’re performing the Chest Blaster Protocol as part of a workout along with other traditional free-weight chest exercises, do 1–3 sets. If you are performing this protocol as a stand-alone workout (like in a hotel room or just to get a quick pump), I recommend performing 5–6 sets.


Between exercises: Rest as little as possible without ever putting your knees down. But, you can pause a bit here and there while performing each round.

Between sets: Rest 3–5 minutes.