A Classic American Story

IFBB Classic Physique Front-Runner Arash Rahbar has a promising future and a compelling past.


Photos by Per Bernal

“I can’t wait to see how the classic physique division grows,” says Arash Rahbar as he drives on Long Island on his way to a chiropractic appointment. “I think it’s going to grow immensely. We’re probably going to see some of the most genetically gifted guys we’ve seen in two decades come out of the woodwork. I already see it. Guys are doing two, three classic physique shows, turning pro, trying to qualify for the Olympia, and a handful of them have, like, literally overnight.”

Rahbar is right. Aside from familiar bodybuilders of years past, like Darrem Charles, Stan McQuay, and Danny Hester, classic physique has brought some fresh, formidable competitors to the sport. Ironically, with two major IFBB wins in the division in May 2016 (Pittsburgh Pro and New York Pro) and a 2nd place finish on the 2016 Olympia stage, the most formidable of these new names just so happens to be, you guessed it, Arash Rahbar.


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