Middle-aged mass monster Leo Ingram has posed in two pro posedowns, finishing third in the 2008 Houston Pro and fifth in last year’s Atlantic City Pro. The Navy veteran, now living in Atlanta with is family, is one of the world’s thickest bodybuilders. We let Leo get philosophical, and he shares with you the workout philosophy that packed on the meat. In addition, he dishes a triceps workout that adheres to his training tenets.


“Throughout my many years of training, I have tried just about every training principle out there. My current routine consists of working out one bodypart daily utilizing heavy weights with basic exercises. I use free-weights, machines and cables, and I control both the positive and negative aspect of exercises. I practice the pyramid principle, and I use drop sets and forced reps to stimulate the fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers. All exercises are conducted with a goal of obtaining the maximum amount of reps. At no time will I drop down below my minimum target for reps in a set [typically eight reps]. I change my routine often to shock the muscle into growth, especially when I feel I’m reaching a plateau.”


Reverse grip pushdowns 4 12-8
Pushdowns 4 12-8
Dumbbell kickbacks 4 12-8
French presses 4 12-8
Machine dips 4 12-8