Mark Wahlberg works out hard—and he knows how to recover.

Wahlberg, co-founder of Performance Inspired, a natural supplement line, is one of the most physically fit actors in Hollywood and he is always working on his physique, making sure his body’s in top form.

The Transformers star did intense boxing training for his role in The Fighter, and he has a go-to arm workout that gets his biceps sized up to perfection. Wahlberg’s work with Performance Inspired has also helped with his training—the company’s all-natural products make it easy for him to know what he’s putting in his body.

Whether he’s in the gym, on set, hitting the back nine, or just spending time with his family, or Wahlberg’s work ethic is unmatched—which is why it’s easy to believe he can save the world in the next Transformers film.

Check out some of his advice and recovery tips in the video above.