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Here's Brad Rowe hitting a back workout in this training video with legendary IFBB Pro Chris Cormier. Last time Brad was on stage was Nationals 2011 and took 3rd in the heavyweight class.

Brad needs to come in dryer and add more thickness to his back and improve detail. That's why he's here in Gold with Chris Cormier in order to make the necessary changes. As far a dealing with Chris, Brad says "Chris Cormier is amazing, Chris puts his heart and soul into all his trainees."

Brad took 3.5 months off in preparation for the 2012 USAs. Brad backed off the eating and heavy workouts. He did this to ensure he made heavyweight again and not creep into the supers. The, earlier this year things went bad: Brad tore some muscles and had colon surgery. Needless to say, it seriously messed up his training prep and all he gained off season.

However, Brad's healthy again and has been given the OK by his doctors to start training hard again. Brad just started working out two weeks ago and is now 16 weeks out from the 2012 USAs.