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Stephen Frazier’s Biceps Routine

Texan Stephen Frazier won the super-heavyweight class of the 2012 USA Championships. He says of his biceps routine, “My main goal is to increase overall quality and detail and emphasize the biceps peaks.” He trains biceps after back once weekly.


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William Bonac’s Hamstrings Routine

William Bonac of the Netherlands was third in the 2012 Europa Supershow 212. 
He frequently changes the order of his leg curls and sometimes does only two of these three curls in the same workout. Bonac trains hamstrings once weekly.


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Nola Trimble Triceps Routine

Chicago’s Nola Trimble won the physique divisions 
of the 2012 Wings 
of Strength Chicago Pro and the 2012 Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa Pro. This is one of her four triceps routines. Each of them uses supersets, trisets, and giant sets, as well as pyramids and dropsets. Trimble says, “I use variety in my workouts and never do the same workout twice in a row for any particular body part.”