What do you think an average 76-year-old woman is capable of lifting? Your guess probably wasn’t nearly 200lbs of pure iron, and you probably didn’t think the setting would be a meet, but that’s exactly what Ann Buszard has accomplished.

The inspirational athlete proved that age is truly just a number when she deadlifted 90kg (198.42lbs) at the United States Strengthlifting Federation Fall Classic in Illinois.

One of her strength coaches, Karl Schudt, noted that not too long before competing at the meet, Buszard could barely get out of a chair. “Jonathon Sullivan and I are both Starting Strength coaches, which means we promote barbell training to everyone, including older athletes. Ann Buszard has made great progress and has gone from not being able to get out of a chair to deadlifting 200lbs in a meet at age 76,” Schudt wrote in the caption to the Storyful video.

It just goes to show that with a little guidance and a lot of determination you’re capable of anything.


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