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Demi Lovato Celebrates Jiu-Jitsu Achievement in Gorgeous, Makeup-Free Selfie

The singer-songwriter and actress proudly showed off her new blue belt in a stunning, no-makeup selfie on Instagram.

If you follow Demi Lovato on Instagram, you should definitely know by now that the pop superstar and actress is no stranger to hitting the gym

You may not know, however, that the singer-songwriter—aside from being a total fitness fiend—is obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art that focuses primarily on ground fighting. And after training several days a week for more than a year, Lovato has reached a new milestone by receiving a blue belt, the second of seven levels.

How did the former Disney Channel star celebrate? With an Instagram post, of course! 

Lovato proudly captioned the no-makeup selfie, in which she's wearing her new blue belt, "I’m so beyond excited because I just received my blue belt in #brazilianjiujitsu!!!! I fell in love with #BJJ over a year ago and have been training several times a week ever since."

One of Lovato's longtime trainers, Jay Glazer, even took to social media to celebrate her achievement. “I’m more proud of the work @ddlovato puts in with nobody watching than I am what she does with the world watching. Congrats on achieving your blue belt today in #bjj, YOU put the grind in!” Glazer captioned his Instagram post.

Lovato isn't the only celebrity to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, though—MMA champion Ronda Rousey and actor Vince Vaughn have been spotted training in the popular martial art style.