Sex may not be something that everyone wants to talk about, but it’s definitely something for which everyone searches on the Internet. From Googling embarassing penis-related problems to sex tips that practically guarantee her orgasm, there’s no shortage of burning questions a healthy sex life demands you answer.

One thing you’ve probably looked up (and mentioned to no one, save your girlfriend) is sex toys. And whether you’ll admit it or not, the Internet knows.

But which country searches sex toys the most?

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Three Nordic countries crack the top three spots—Denmark taking first place, with Sweden and Greenland trailing close behind in second and third, respectively—according to a new study from Vouchercloud.

In the study, Vouchercloud took 18 popular sex toy-related search terms (like “dildo” and “vibrator”), translated them into every Google-accepted language, and compared/analyzed monthly search statistics from nearly every country in the world. Then, it ranked countries based upon their search volume—thus determining the unofficial sex toy capital of the world.

As for the United States? Well, we came in a respectable fourth place with a 104 sex toy-related searches per every 1,000 Internet users. Taking the bottom spot is a country of which you’ve likely not heard—Burkina Faso, a tiny, land-locked country in West Africa.

But whether you live in a sex toy-loving country like Denmark or not, we guarantee your sex life will benefit from taking a look at these sex toys to spice up a romantic evening at home, or finding one designed specifically with your man parts in mind.

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