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Strongwoman Kristin Rhodes Breaks World Record at the Arnold

America’s Strongest Mom continues to break records with 165-pound dumbbells.


If you didn’t know Kristin Rhodes' name before, you definitely will soon, because this 42-year-old mom from Southern California is continuing to dominate in the world of Strongman competitions.

This past weekend at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, Rhodes took the stage and set a world record doing double reps of 165-pound dumbbells. Check out the video on Rhodes' Instagram here.



Surreal moment in my lifting career... 165lb DB world record for 2 reps @arnoldsports Rogue Record Breakers. @liefiasaurus also got 2. We share the WR now. Amazing to believe we did this. Just shows nothing is impossible. Nothing.... so crazy when you are in the zone, I came off the stage and asked if anyone cheered. ? I heard nothing. I will say though... you ask me to perform I’ll do it. Lift big?? I’ll do it. Makes me sooo happy to show what is possible ❤️#begreat #earnednotgiven #worldrecord #prostrongwoman #dumbbells #badass #lift #liftmore #boom #nobigdeal #womenwholift #raisethebar #momswholift #mom #strongwomen #strongwoman #strong #game #gameon #powerlifting #crossfit #boss #bossbabe #america #strongest #lift #liftlikeagirl #women #monster #ryourogue @roguefitness @drjantodd @strongmancorporation @schwarzenegger @arnoldsports @hybridathletesd @steve_slater_

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Rhodes is no stranger to breaking records. She is the eight-time winner of America’s Strongest Woman and won the United Strongmen World’s Strongest Woman in Finland in 2012. During the 2018 Arnold, Rhodes broke the record for the log press. She does this all while being a businesswoman and mother of three.  

“I've set my goals really high,” Rhodes recently told us. “I'll hit something ... and then I'm like, okay, how much more can I do? I think that the competitiveness inside myself just continues to drive me to see what is possible, what can [women] do, because in a lot of the sport people look at me, and they'll be like, 'Oh, well, she did that, I can do that.'"

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