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I was a big girl my whole life – facing the everyday battles of judgment, criticism and bullying since grade school. I had no knowledge base of health or nutrition. As I grew older, the severity became more apparent. By the time I was in high school, I’d hit a whopping 235 pounds!

Because I’d been heavy all my life, I felt that was “who I was”. It was all I knew. Nevertheless, I would wish upon a star, at any chance I had, to be skinny. I felt helpless: trapped in my own body. As the pounds piled on, I noticed my health taking its toll. I couldn’t walk up a few stairs without losing my breath. I knew it was time for a change.

I’m a makeup artist and worked regularly at that time – applying makeup for countless models. Oh, how I envied them… but it wasn’t until the photographer sent a picture of me applying makeup on a model that it really hit me. I was horrified. I couldn’t believe how big I allowed my-self to become. Something inside me lit up that day…like a match to a flame.

I told myself it was time I stopped wishing and took action in my life, for my life. I promised my-self I would give it my all and never give up on my dream because I knew that I was worth the fight.

I read books, articles, and researched all of the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. I ate healthy and followed a low calorie, high protein diet. I set realistic and attainable goals for myself. I made time instead of excuses. I didn’t hold back because I wanted it off for good! 

samiha dugom

Quest Nutrition got me over hurdles and past temptations along the way. To this day, I cannot go a day without one of their amazing products!! I look forward to having my “clean cheat” with Quest  and they led me down my path to ultimate success!

As time went by I got closer and closer to my goal… then surpassed it! It took me 7 months to lose 100 pounds. This new confidence opened me up to a life and opportunities I never would have considered before. I was inspiring others to change their lives, which pushed me farther and stronger as an individual.

People started asking me what I was doing, so I shared my story with them. I began with Zumba fitness. Not only did I learn dances from all around the world, but I enjoyed working out and built a huge support system! I had my entire Zumba family; all in support of one another’s successes, no matter how small. Inspired, I quickly became an instructor and continued to move up the lad-der, challenging myself with each and every step along the way.

I began earning certifications for advanced fitness regimens, like P90X. Becoming a Beachbody coach introduced me to many more fitness fanatics, but the whole time I was still my own biggest competitor. I came to the realization that everything in life is mental; therefore any goal is attainable.

Face every challenge headstrong and know your own worth. Obstacles are just chances to im-prove yourself. I train religiously now and continue improving my health, hoping I’ll inspire others to do the same. This is a never-ending journey with no finish line, so aim high and never give up!

Samiha Dugom2