Woman Born Without Limbs Crushes CrossFit Workouts

Lindsay Hilton is just as tough and twice as inspirational as any other lifter.

CrossFit workouts are difficult for anyone, let alone someone born without arms or legs. While it may sound like an insurmountable obstacle, Lindsay Hilton has proven that she can take on grueling CrossFit WODs like anyone else.

The Nova Scotia native has been a CrossFit athlete for a year and a half, according to a video interview with 60 Second Docs. She insists that she isn't an inspiration—just a regular person who loves to lift. In her home, the only "special equipment" she needs is a stepstool to reach the kitchen counter. 

Like many other athletes, Hilton is drawn to the challenges that CrossFit presents her, although hers are unique. Even so, she finds a way to do the movements and push her limits. She hopes that her abilities will show others that anything is possible and no obstacle is too great.

Check out the video above to watch Hilton in action, and follow her at @lahltn.

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