As the first Asian Professional to compete in the IFBB Women’s Physique, Yeon Woo Jhi is proud to join APS Nutrition. Jhi is a Korean IFBB Women’s Physique Champion who lives in Seoul, South Korea, and at five feet, six inches tall and 145 pounds she hopes to one day to become the first Asian Ms. Olympia. When she’s not busy spending countless hours in the gym, Jhi is a classically trained pianist.

There’s no question that Jhi is the most impressive Asian pro – having fans swarm her at the IFBB Korean Pro earlier this year and winning her very first show. She obtained her pro card by winning the Arnold Classic Europe Overall Women’s Physique championship in 2013 – gracing the stage with her muscular frame and classic beauty. She’s a true inspiration.

Yeon Woo Jhi chose APS Nutrition based on their ever-expanding international presence and growth in the current nutrition market. She shared with APS Nutrition via her translator, “I try myself to live with no regrets. From my perspective, to not have regrets is to become one of the most beautiful and memorable bodybuilders ever. As a woman, I want to live happily as a passionate and lovely person.”

Catch Jhi on American soil in 2016 for her first big IFBB Pro show at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.