Best Snacks To Eat While Leaning Out

Get expert snacking tips and learn the right foods to nosh to fuel up and fight hunger the smart way.

If you’ve got some winter pooch that didn’t disappear with your first few workouts of the season, it’s time to focus on diet when it comes to getting a lean, hard midsection for summer.  Dieting can be such a downer any time of year—and especially if the weather where you live makes it feel like swimsuit season will never arrive.  To lean out without hunger, follow these simple steps and make sure you incorporate healthy protein-rich, low carbohydrate and unprocessed snacks.


  • Plan your three square meals a day.  Start your day with a good balanced breakfast of protein, complex carbohydrates, fat and fruit.  Pack a lunch with an array of vegetables and protein followed by a dinner with quality protein, veggies, and lower carbs.
  • Prep meals and snacks daily.  Have them packed and ready to go for your day, especially if you’re away from home all day. This way you can avoid binge snacking on processed foods in a pinch.
  • Incorporate fruit, vegetables and fiber in all snacks to fill you up all day long and keep your metabolism chugging along.
  • Time snacking to avoid blood glucose dips. Avoiding dips in blood sugar will keep you from overeating and hitting the “wall” in the afternoon hour.  Also, when your next main mealtime arrives you won’t be ravenous and risk over eating.  Overeating will only cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable.  You will most likely skip your next meal or snack only to become starving again and the cycle of over eating and skipping meals continues.  Weight loss won’t be the end result but rather weight gain. 
  • Eat at your scheduled times even if you don’t feel hungry. You can always eat a little less but never skip an opportunity to fuel your metabolism.  A strong metabolism burns calories even at rest.

Now that we have a few simple steps to follow, get smart snacking ideas that can be easily inserted in between meals to keep your weight loss plan on point.

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