Workout Plans
  • Goal: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Hypertrophy, Build Strength
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Days per week: 3
  • Type: Strength Training
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The transformation to a sleeker you begins right here, right now.

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If you want to lose weight or are a beginner in need of a jump start, we've got your back, training you with enough variety and intensity to keep your body guessing. And if you seek to bust through plateaus and sculpt lean muscle, dial in for the ultimate moves. 

This four-week plan, by IFBB pro Stacy Naito, D.O., fosters muscle confusion, changing sets and reps weekly so you never get bored. Throw fat burning into overdrive with a mix of plyo and strength training, working your body from top to bottom. "This program eases the beginner into a consistent regimen, which slowly ramps up, offering the perfect strategy for reaching fitness goals," says Naito. 

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