Yoga offers a chance to zero in on your body’s intrinsic need to slow down and move more harmoniously. But these days, even your yoga practice may need to multitask between calming the mind and building strength. The fact is, some yoga poses are downright taxing.

That is exactly why yoga instructor and author of 21-Day Yoga Body, Sadie Nardini, created Yoga Shred. This mix of power yoga poses and release moves, pulled from Nardini’s new Shred program, will wake up both larger and stabilizing muscle groups alike.

So, while you find your center, you also tap your greatest strengths. Do this sequence in order, or pick your favorite moves from here to add to your regular routine.

Trainer: Sadie Nardini, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Founder; 21-Day Yoga Body, author (