We can probably all agree that doing burpees isn’t exactly fun. At the same time, nothing feels better than finishing a tough workout.

Reebok decided to celebrate our favorite and least favorite exercise by challenging the world. The brand had people submit videos of themselves doing burpees to see how many they could compile.

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In the end, more than 70,000 burpees from 80 countries around the world were submitted, which is more than six times the individual record for most burpees performed in 24 hours, according to Reebok. This event is part of the brand’s “Better Together” campaign, celebrating the notion that working together is the best way to get things done. 

From these submissions, Reebok is streaming 24 hours of viewer-submitted burpee videos. (Watch crazy-difficult variations–like one guys doing burpees off the wall.) The brand is also streaming videos and providing “burpee responses” all day today in celebration of the first ever World Burpee Day and #burpeethon. 

Burpee Facts:

  • The burpee was invented in 1939.
  • One minute of burpees burns 10 calories.
  • 8 minutes of burpees burns as many calories as walking 3.1 miles.

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