If your diet is all or mostly plant-based, your mind might start to delve into the dark side of things the longer we’re forced to stay under quarantine thanks to the awful novel coronavirus.

For example, what happens if grocery stores shut down and you’re forced to, gulp, eat the decades-old Spam in the cupboard? Or, worse yet, you’ve thought about which parts of your roommate you’d snack on should you be forced to go full zombie. (Experts suggest to snack on fat pads first, by the way.)

The good news is that we’ve yet to see evidence of society nosediving into that type of chaos (yet). So why not stock up on all of your plant-based goodies before then? To help you figure out the must-haves we’ve recruited help from the dude who formulated the Beyond Burger—celebrity chef (Bill Gates, Ellen Degeneres, Paul McCartney, and Ron Howard are some of his clients) and co-founder of Outstanding Foods, chef Dave Anderson.

Here are the plant-based essentials to have in your pantry to get through this quarantine.