Broke Man’s Guide to Stack-Worthy Supps

Effective workout supplements don't have to cost you a fortune.

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Take A Monthly Outlook

Don't think of stocking up on supps the same way you think about shopping for food. Due to their nature, you'll need to take a longer-term view when filling out your pantry. Different brands offer a range of prices, and naturally, larger investments on the front end (as I noted before) will pay dividends down the road. Those trying to save a dime also need to be frugal with their dosing.

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Slow Your Pace

  • A 2-3-pound bag of protein should last about one month (at 1 scoop per day).
  • 300 grams of creatine should last about one month (at 1-2 scoops per day).
  • 300 grams of BCAA should last about one month (at 1-2 scoops per day).

Keep it All Under $50

Understand that these prices slant more toward the low end of the market. The main point is that weekly, with good shopping, the amount you spend on your supplement stack can easily hover around $12. That's a considerable savings that will still net you the solid dosing you need! Here's the math for one month:

  • $20 (protein) + $10 (creatine) + $20 (BCAAs) = $50 (possibly as low as $43 assuming you could get this at the low end)

Here's what that looks like for a (cheaper) three-month outlook:

  • $60 (protein) + $15 (creatine) + $45 (BCAAs) = $120 (possibly lower for 3 months or about $40 per month)