Boosting muscle comes down to getting in the proper nutrients. To maximize your gains, you need to consume the right ingredients while you train. This month, The M&F Store is of ering a special deal when you buy MRI’s NO2 Black Full Cycle, Pro-NOS, and Anabolic Switch, which make the workout stack.

The Breakdown

NO 2 Black Full Cycle

This pre-workout/NO booster delivers a stack of NO-boosting ingredients that work synergistically. First, there’s arginine, to provide the source material the body converts into nitric oxide (NO). There’s also norvaline, which prevents the breakdown of arginine by arginase. This breakdown limits the conversion to NO.


Offering both whey protein and casein protein, Pro-NOS is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Getting a quick shot of BCAA-rich protein to your muscles has been shown to be critical for muscle growth, especially when it’s taken following workouts. Plus, it boosts muscle endurance and blunts muscle fatigue during intense training.

Anabolic Switch

Immediately following a tough workout you need a dose of creatine, taurine and beta-alanine, in addition to protein, to keep your muscle cells big and full. Anabolic Switch provides these critical nutrients. It also provides the fastdigesting carbs you need, in the form of maltodextrin, to speed and enhance recovery post-workout.

MRI Stack_ad
The MRI Stack (includes):
– NO2 Black Full Cycle (150 copies)
– Pro-NOS (3 lbs)
– FREE T-shirt
– Anabolic Switch (2 lbs)
– Price: $124.99 ($194 value)
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