Dyma Burn

New Study Reports Dyma-Burn® Xtreme Boosts Metabolism for Four Hours after Single Dose.

Besides following a reduced calorie diet and boosting exercise, taking certain supplements can help banish belly fat by increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation, or fat burning. There are many fat-burning supplements that have been found to increase metabolism, but some fat burners can over stimulate the nervous system (i.e. by increasing heart rate and blood pressure) as well as cause irritability, sleeplessness, and agitation. However, not all fat burners do this. A recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that the thermogenic dietary supplement known as Dyma-Burn Xtreme can increase resting energy expenditure (metabolism) for a four-hour period after a single dose in regular coffee drinkers. Researchers from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor reported that in addition to effectively enhancing metabolism, the subjects experienced increased focus, alertness, and energy as well as decreasing fatigue. The other exciting finding of the study was that there were no undesired side effects, such as increased heart rate or blood pressure that commonly occur with many fat burners. Dyma-Burn® Xtreme contains a proprietary blend of caffeine anhydrous, guarana, yerba mate, and green tea extract, and raspberry ketones which work synergistically to enhance fat metabolism. The use of Dyma-Burn® Xtreme in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise can effectively raise metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

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