Open Up “Keep it romantic and really make your lover feel special. It’s not about the gift but spending time with the person you love and telling them why you love them. Although you think they know it already, don’t be afraid to reiterate it.”

Quality Time Beats Presents “I’m a really simple girl; waking up to breakfast in bed is perfect, and just having extra time to spend together, whether it’s lying in bed all day or going for a run. [My husband] Sunnery and I always have a great time when we cook together in the kitchen—it’s always sexy when you start by steaming things up in there.”

But Do Pick Up Something “Women get too sensitive about making sure their man buys the right gift. Of course we don’t want a vacuum or something for the house. Sexy and flirty is always a good rule to live by, even if it’s just the basics: jewelry, chocolate, lingerie, or flowers.”

Unplug “Sneak away from everything you have going on, turn off the cell phones, don’t answer e-mails; spend some alone time together. Making it about the two of you will help to keep things romantic.”

Put it in Writing “If you’re stumped on what to get her, sometimes the littlest things, like a card with a nice message on it, can be the best option. I love receiving a card from my man—it’s always something personal and is just another way to be reminded how much he loves me.”

Lace, of Course “Lingerie helps make a woman feel sensual—when I get dressed, it’s the first thing i pick out. When buying it for your woman, make sure to get the right size and always pick something she will appreciate.” (In other words, always check her closet before you hit the store so you have an idea of what kinds of things you should be looking for.)

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