This stunning beauty always dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Now that the 28-year-old model has her wings, she’s taking her heavenly body from catalog to catwalk.

You made your third appearance in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. What’s it like strutting down the runway, clad only in lingerie and angel wings? Oh, my God, it’s so nerve-racking. There’s no other time when you have to walk in your underwear in front of 9 million people. I usually try to zone out, ’cause there’s no way to focus on all the people watching. Before I go out there, I just listen to music and dance. And when I turn that corner, I just go for it.

Is that where you feel the sexiest? I’d say it’s when I’m in a bikini on the beach, having fun—feeling healthy and happy.

Aldridge and Followill © Barry Talesnick/Globe Photos/

We hear you love to cook, too. Do you have a signature dish? I make really good peas with prosciutto. It’s my go-to.

How do you stay so fit if you’re cooking all the time? I do a lot of yoga and Pilates. I think men should do them, too. They’re amazing ways to work out. I’m constantly telling my husband he should do Pilates because it’s such an intense workout. I know it seems really girly, but I’ve seen huge athletes do it! I’ve tried running, but I turn bright red—there’s nothing cute about it.

You’re married to Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill. What is it with rockers and supermodels, anyway? I think it has to do with our crazy schedules. When you’re a rock star, on tour around the world, it’s hard to find someone who understands your lifestyle. It’s the same with models. I might be in Paris today but Bora-Bora tomorrow. He gets that.

How do you make a long distance relationship work? Making the time we have together special. Going on dates is important, and iChat is amazing—it’s the greatest invention ever for connecting with someone when you’re far away. It’s so comforting.

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“Lingerie always makes a great present. It’s thoughtful because she knows it’s what her man likes, so it makes her feel extra confident that you’re picking it out for her. Knowing her correct size is very important, though, so you might have to peek in her drawer. Don’t get her something too big or too small—that can get you in trouble. In terms of colors, I think black and red are always a safe bet.”

Christmas is coming up. What’s your favorite part about the holidays? Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved having a Christmas stocking. It could be ChapStick in there—I don’t care. I just love opening it. It’s so much fun. That’s also a time when my husband and I get to be together and just relax. I always buy pajamas for the both of us, and we just cook together and watch every Christmas movie ever made. We hear your mom, Laura, was a former Playmate of the Month. What was it like having a bunny for a mom? It was so cool. I’m so proud of my mom. She was at Playboy at a time when the magazine was at its sexiest. She was a jet bunny [flight attendant], too! I just tracked down the jet bunny uniform that she wore, and I bought it, just to have it back in the family. It was a great way to grow up. She was always on the go, but she still made time to make our lunches and take us on trips, and whenever we traveled, she made sure we went to the museums and took in the culture and the food.

A Playboy bunny for a mom, and sisters who model too— talk about a family with good genes. I never thought I was gonna be a model. I thought I was gonna be a soccer player!

Do you still play? Not as much lately, but I did play against a pro team in Toronto once, and we did a shoot-out. I was talking [trash] during the whole game, and I thought I was gonna be so good. My husband, who’s never played soccer before, got all his goals in, and I did so bad. It was a terrible day. [Laughs]

Out of curiosity, when all the Angels are just hanging out, do you… Have pillow fights in our lingerie? It is exactly like that…just kidding.

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