MF: How were you discovered?

MM: I work with [the production company] Felony Fights. I’m their main spokesperson. They called me Felony Girl. I knew girls who were already making movies, so when I was ready to get started, they gave me their agent’s name and it was all pretty fast from there.

MF: What was it like having sex on camera the first time?

MM: It was actually pretty funny because I had to wear a strap-on and I had never worn one before. I have a new appreciation for what men do in the bedroom. It’s hard work! [Laughs]

MF: In your scene with Missy Monroe in Out of Control, you’re shown being cheered on by a group of people. What was that like?

MM: Honestly, the funnest part of being in “the industry” is being watched by people when you are performing. It totally pumps you up. It makes you feel more excited to do it in front of a crowd. It helps you focus on what you’re doing a whole lot more.

MF: Do porn stars watch porn?

MM: I do, but I watch porn that’s not legal. It’s hard for me to find. I like to watch really rough sex. I like the choking and the spanking.

MF: Do you like that in bed?

MM: Yeah, I freaked out some guy once ’cause while we were having sex, I was like, “smack my face, smack my face, smack it harder.” He thought I was crazy. I mean—I am crazy! [Laughs]

MF: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

MM: I like to have sex in a car, especially when a guy is driving. I think it’s cool as long as he has good mental control and coordination. And it depends on how big the car and the seat is. Like once in a Montero Sport, I could face him because I had enough room, but another time in a BMW, I had to readjust everything and turn around so my feet were with his.

MF: Ever been caught by another driver?

MM: No, but I have been caught masturbating, because I like to masturbate in cars too. And I’ve been caught by truck drivers who will try and follow me for a little bit. I’ve gotten really good at it.

MF: So what’s your next project?

MM: I’m working a lot on my Web site right now, I’m really proud of it. I like to do the extreme stuff, mixing crazy stuff with sex. There’s this one scene where I’m hanging out of a limo and I’m masturbating with a dildo. I was hanging on with an arm and a leg. I also did a scene where they put me on a raft and they were fishtailing me back and forth. It’s part stunts, part sex.