Women need to be “in the mood.” The right environment is always a good start, so turn your place into a romantic enclave.

“It’s about more than turning off the lights, switching on the stereo, and making a move,” says Marley Majcher, the Party Goddess and a celebrity event planner. “You have to incorporate all five of the senses.”

Here is Majcher’s surefire plan for getting your lover under the covers.

Ace the Visual
Start by cleaning your place. Then think glass. “Thi sis no the time for disposable plates,” says Majcher. “Use real napkins, not paper towels, and set out a wine or champagne glass as well as a water glass.”

Zap “Guy” Funk
“Buy flowers with fresh scents, like tube-roses, lilies, or gardenias, and place them all around, even in the bathroom,” she says. “Then pick up a few lightly scented candles, all with the same fragrance—think honeysuckle, jasmine, or red currant—plus some unscented ones for around your food.” Have them lit when she arrives.

Set the Mood
Make an iPod playlist to run throughout the night, something that can fill the background. “The music should vary throughout the evening,” Majcher advises. “Start out soft yet upbeat, no dance or rap, and let it continue to mellow out as the night progresses.”

Bring Out a Few Soft Touches
“Get some fabulous sheets with a good thread count, or a really soft throw for the couch. Or try a supersoft lambskin throw rug—it’ll be unexpected and the ultimate in tactile pleasure—and they’re a lot less expensive than you might think.”

Master the Menu
“If you don’t cook, buy already prepared food at your local market, not convenience store,” Majcher says. “Pair it with champagne, wine, or her favorite cocktail.”


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