What do you call the guy who’s always there for you, who always watches your back, and who makes a great wingman? No, not Larry from accounting. We’re talking about a real friend: the condom, raincoat, rubber, dick sock, love glove . . . Whatever he goes by, night after night of good, bad, or mind-blowing sex, your buddy the prophylactic goes to bat for you, with an average of 98% effectiveness at preventing pregnancy and, unlike other contraceptives, protection against STDs and HIV/AIDS. That’s a good friend. But not every condom is right for every situation, so before you slide one on, make sure you pick the right one . . .

For the couple that can’t get enough
Try Durex Pleasure Max Tingling.
Ribbed and studded with a spearmint tingling lubricant. Think Tiger Balm meets Vicks—but in a good way.

For reigniting the fire
Try Trojan Vibrating Ring and Condom.
Battery operated and designed to get both of you off—for up to twenty minutes. Note: Once it’s out of juice, there’s no plugging it back in. Plan for alternative pleasuring.

For when your lady hasn’t “finished” in a long while
Try Trojan Her Pleasure.
With ridges in place especially for her, she’ll be convulsing with pleasure once you’re done with her.

For the anaconda
Try Kimono Micro Thin Large
The name may sound oxymoronic—“thin large”—but this is a condom for well-endowed guys who don’t want to lose circulation but still want plenty of sensation.

For the less blessed
Try Lifestyle Snugger Fit
When condom slippage is an issue, this one stays on tight—but still offers room at the head for added friction

For a G spot orgasm that will have her climbing up the walls.
Try Inspiral
This rubber’s unique twisted shape increases friction for explosive orgasms.  When has she ever begged for you to put on a condom?

For the sensitive user
Try Durex Avanti Super Thin
If you are allergic to latex or like to use massage oil in foreplay, this polyurethane condom is a great alternative.

For the one-night stand
Try Crown
The booty-call condom that’s thin enough to feel every pulse of your lady. The strongest, most reliable cap for the all-nighter man.

Rules of the Rubber

When it comes to STDs and unplanned pregnancies, most mistakes are made because of incorrect condom use. Obviously, in the heat of the moment, it’s difficult to think with your head—well, the one above your waist. But in order to get the most bang for your buck, you have to abide by a few simple guidelines.

* Storage—Yes, keeping one in your wallet is very responsible of you, but its not advised to store condoms in warm places or under pressure, such as in your back pockets. Keep condoms bedside in a cool, dry case out of direct sunlight.

* Look for tears—Most rips occur when you shred the condom’s packaging. Before you tear in to it, make sure the package is sealed tight—you can test this by squeezing and checking for a pocket of air. Whatever you do, don’t open it with your teeth, no matter how badly you want to.

* Lubricant—Use only water-based lubricants with latex condoms. Avoid oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, massage oils, and body lotions. Note: Lube up your penis before you put on the condom. It makes the sucker last longer and makes for a more enjoyable ride.

* The right fit—The condom’s latex should be secure at the base of the penis. It needs to be snug, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. It should unroll completely and be as close to the body as possible. For the perfect fit, try a company like Condomania, which offers customized condoms for all lengths and girths.

* Timing—Put on any condom as soon as you get erect and before there is any sex play. Pre-ejaculatory fluid can carry HIV and other STDs. That means no playing Just the Tip.

* Slide it on—Before you unroll, check that the condom is not inside out. It should look like a mini sombrero with the reservoir tip pointing up. Pinch the tip as you roll the condom ring down the shaft, making sure there aren’t any air bubbles that could cause breakage later.

* Check, then double-check—Make sure it’s still secure on your penis during a thrust by checking for the rim. Also, if it suddenly feels surprisingly like there is no condom, there might not be (even though it’s really rare).

* Pulling out—Hold your johnson and the condom at the base, keeping the tip downward so no bodily fluids leak out. Then move away from your partner just in case there’s a spill.

* Disposal—Take the condom off before you lose your erection—or else things can get really messy. Tie it like you would a balloon, wrap it in a tissue, and throw it away in a trash can, not in the toilet, unless you want a plumbing emergency. Note: Always use discretion. No girl wants to peel your used condom off the floor of her bedroom the next day.

* Don’t be a cheap-ass—Always use a new condom for every act. That means unwrapping a new one when you’re switching up orifices and, if it’s really your lucky night, from partner to partner.