Abs and Core Exercises

The 25 Most Effective Workout Finishers For Your Abs

Super-effective exercises that'll burn everything left in your tank and shred your stomach.



You just killed your workout and you're ready to foam roll and hit the shower. Not so fast. Save time for one of these workout finishers that'll torch your abs, helping you get every last ounce of effort out of your tank.

Now, while crunching into oblivion will make you "feel the burn," it won't do much for your physique—or strength for that matter. 

"In order to optimize your abs for aesthetics and function, the key to finishers is to include a conditioning exercise (to remove that top layer of fat with some high-intensity and anaerobic work), use a functional movement pattern (push, pull, squat, walk, carry, hinge, hold), in addition to using exercises that work in multiple planes of motion, like anti-extension, anti-(lateral)flexion, and even anti-rotation," says Joe Holder S10 performance trainer, Nike trainer/run coach, and founder of The Ocho System.

The following 25 workout finishers do all of the above. And if you really want to put your abs into overdrive, work in more "single-arm pressing, pulling, hinging, and squatting exercises after your main lifts to tax your core and even out discrepancies in your movement patterns," Holder recommends. Ready to get after it? Pick any of these finishers to top off your workouts; rotate through a few of 'em and you'll see the results.

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