Abs and Core Exercises

2 Supersets for Six-Pack Abs

Get a ripped midsection with this quick, but advanced abs routine.

Six-Pack Abs

Superset No. 2:

Ab Workout - Double Crunch

Double Crunch

Sets – 5
Reps – 12-15
Double up: Don’t think the double crunch is tough? Try it after five supersets consisting of ab wheels and planks. Where most people wouldn’t bat an eyelash at 12–15 reps of this top-to-bottom ab shredder, doing this many while fatigued usually means true failure—something often marginalized in ab routines.

Ab Workout - Windshield Wiper

Lying Windshield Wiper

Sets – 5
Reps – 8-10 (each side)
Wipe it: The windshield wiper is a great way to rein in your lower abs and obliques, both of which can be trouble areas. Your lower abs have to fire to hold your legs in position, and your obliques are responsible for starting and stopping momentum on each rep. Twist only as far as needed to feel a stretch in your obliques. Don’t allow your feet to touch the ground in the down position. This kills the tension in your abs.

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