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Eric Velazquez

ERIC VELAZQUEZ, NSCA-CPT: Previously a Senior Editor with M&F's print publication and Senior Online Editor for the M&F website, Eric has authored and co-authored hundreds of articles on training, nutrition and supplementation, carving a particular niche in the realm of participatory fitness journalism. A former college athlete, Eric trained like a boxer for 12 weeks, spent six weeks embedded in the intense world of CrossFit, wrestled with UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, practiced hand-to-hand combat with Army Rangers and trained side-by-side with then-Angels leadoff hitter Chone Figgins--all in the name of providing readers with a more visceral, entertaining brand of service. He has also written features on boxing heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, baseball slugger Albert Pujols, wrestling star and actor John Cena, and female mixed martial artist Gina Carano. Eric has always had a particular interest in the training programs used by tactical athletes, which often border on the extreme. His profile on the workouts employed by instructors at Army Combatives School was nominated for a Maggie Award by the Western Publishing Association in 2009. He did a three-day media embed aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, as it conducted operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in the Gulf of Oman in 2008. Eric also wrote the cover story on former UFC standout and Silver Star recipient Brian Stann and a feature on the U.S. Army's new training methodology in M&F's 2013 military issue. A married father of two, Eric does all of his training at home, opting for more intense, equipment-minimal routines to save on time.