Lying triceps extensions will always be a beloved triceps’ builder, but do them the same way for enough years and you could suffer crippling elbow pain. The problem is that using a palms-up grip internally rotates your forearms, and that’s an unnatural position to extend your elbows in. Instead, try it with a neutral grip.

Triceps extensions done with palms facing each other provide a smoother range of motion, although you wont be able to use as much weight at first. It also means you’ll probably have to switch to dumbbells, unless your gym has a football bar or other barbell that offers neutral grip handles. Another option is to use an Olympic weight plate, gripping its edge.

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Get more out of this move with these tips

1. Try incorporating a “roll” at the bottom of the movement. After you’ve bent your elbows, roll them farther back behind your head and then use the stretch reflex to extend them.

2. As you fatigue, press the dumbbells together to get the chest, shoulders, and back involved. This squeezing action creates more tension throughout your body, adding to your stability.

3. Perform the exercise on a decline bench. The angle will make it easier to keep your arms pointing backward through the set and have the triceps engaged constantly.