Snapshot – Limas Weed

Position: Wide receiver
College: Texas
Height: 6'4"
Weight: before Combine training, 211 pounds; after, 217 pounds
Bodyfat: before Combine training, 8.2%; after, 5.7%
40-yard dash at NFL Combine: 4.46 seconds
Vertical leap: 35 inches
Drafted: 2nd round, 53rd pick overall, Pittsburgh Steelers

Monday through Friday, players normally have a 20-minute high-intensity afternoon lifting session in addition to their morning lifting and movement workouts. This is a typical "moderate-moderately heavy" Tuesday afternoon session, focusing on chest and triceps, that helped Limas Sweed gain 6 pounds of lean mass and drop his bodyfat 2.5% in less than two months. Thursday's afternoon session would typically focus on back and biceps.

Warm-Up (lightweight, no rest between sets)

Excercise Sets Reps
Dumbbell Upright Row 1 8
Dumbbell Snatch 1 8
Dumbbell Squat & Press 1 8
Dumbbell Row 1 8
Dumbbell Curl to Press 1 8
Isometric Lateral Raise 1 8

Working Sets (45 second rests between sets)


Sets Reps
Incline Cable Flye¹ 3 60 seconds²
Triceps Pressdown¹ 3 60 seconds²
Flat-Bench Dumbbell Press¹ 5 4

¹ Each rep employs the "rep-and-a-half method," wherein a full range-of-motion (ROM) rep is immediately followed by a rep through only the bottom half of the ROM.

² Each set consists of continuous reps for 60 seconds.