Those of you who live in big cities are probably used to having a hectic lifestyle. But are you one of those people who make excuses not to go to the gym due to limited time? 

Well that excuse is no longer valid if you incorporate combo moves into your workout. Combination moves are highly effective ways of speeding up your routine and hitting more than one muscle group without having to superset. Utlizing combo moves also means you won’t need as much space, since you’ll be using the same piece of equipment.

Few exercises can equal the row for delivering muscle growth stimulus. In addition to recruiting a variety of  major muscle groups, it places an added strain on the skeletal and nervous systems, resulting in increased bone density and greater strength.

To make the row even more productive, try adding a back extension at the top. By adding the extension at the top of the move, you will lengthen the set—increasing your time under tension. In addition, you’ll also be adding a valuable cardio component to your workout. 

Here’s How To Do It

1. Load up an Olympic bar with weight which is approx 30% below your 1 rep max.

2. Then with your knees slightly bent and your back straight, grip the bar with your palms facing in, and row it up towards your midrift.

3. Once you’ve completed the row, straighten your legs and hyperextend your back as far as you can.