Whether digging a ball cross-court or slipping a jab for counterstriking, the ability to move laterally is crucial in sports. Great athletes have the requisite strength to cover a lot of ground in one step and can perform movements at lightning speed. Training to increase your strength and quickness invariably leads to increased power, and you don’t have to be a competitive athlete to want more of that. This weightlifting/plyometric superset will send your hip strength, lateral power and thigh girth through the roof—or should we say, across the room.

Cable Side Lunge

>> Start with your feet hip-width apart and attach a low-pulley cable weight belt or harness to your waist.
>> Lean slightly forward from the waist, but keep your eyes up and your chest expanded.
>> With your toes pointing out, lunge powerfully to one side so your knee forms a 45-60-degree angle.
>> Keeping your abs tight and your chest big, exhale forcefully and return to the start position by pushing off with the inside of your working foot.
>> Repeat, alternating sides, until you complete the desired number of reps for both legs.
>> Always keep your back straight and your eyes focused forward. If you can’t hold the correct form, decrease the weight or don’t use any weight.
>> Drive out of the lunge as forcefully as possible. If you need more than one powerful push to get back to the start, drop the weight and make sure you push off the inside of your foot.

Weighted Speed Skater

>> Take a wide stance with your toes pointed out. Bend at the waist and keep your knees bent as you place a weight plate across your upper back. >> Keep your back flat and chest up, head straight and your eyes focused a few feet in front of you.
>> Shift your weight to one side, placing emphasis on that leg. The opposite leg should straighten as you rise onto your toes and squeeze your quad.
>> Reverse direction and lean to the other side, putting all your weight on that leg while straightening and flexing the opposite leg.
>> As you grow stronger, increase the resistance. The plate won’t slip because your back is flat and your abs are tight. Hold the plate in place with one hand if that feels more comfortable.
>> As you fatigue, rise out of the squat position slightly as you continue to shift back and forth.
>> Upon failure, squat and unload the plate. Continue doing reps with just your bodyweight. These are excellent finishing moves for leg day, or use them in supersets during your regular training regimen

Plyo Power

  Sets Reps Tempo Intensity Rest
Cable Side Lunge 5/5 5-7 each leg explosive 30% 1RM none
Weighted Speed Skater 5/5 to failure slow plate then bodyweight 2 minutes