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11 BOSU Exercises That Will Train Your Entire Body

Up the ante on simple (and not-so-simple) bodyweight moves simply by adding this versatile piece of equipment.


The beauty of the BOSU "ball"—you know, the sliced-in-half physio ball—lies in its ability to improve full-body stability, as well as intensify a number of cardiovascular activities. "The BOSU is an excellent tool, whether you're a novice or an advanced trainee, in or out of the weight room, because it's extremely multi-faceted," says Mike Krajewski, P.T., C.S.C.S., owner of MK Fitness in Nashville, Tennessee.

Use it to make bodyweight workouts more grueling, or incorporate some moves as a workout finisher. You can eliminate body imbalances and muscle weaknesses, in addition to elevate your level of strength and coordination. "As you’ll see from the workout below, there isn’t much a BOSU can’t do," Krajewski adds. 

To perform as a full-body circuit workout, follow these instructions:

Complete Circuit 1 before moving on to Circuit 2.

Circuit 1

Pick one of the lower-body BOSU exercises (one-leg glute bridge, squat, split squat), followed by one of the upper-body exercises (pushup, incline and decline DB chest press, one-arm pushup), then one of the cardio/core exercises ("sled" push, burpees, mountain climbers, Russian twist). Repeat for prescribed reps, sets, and rest. 

Circuit 2

Repeat the same format by picking all new exercises, following the same format as circuit 1: lower body, upper body, then core/cardio.  To perform as a workout finisher, follow these instructions: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds as you prepare for the following exercise. Keep moving through the circuit for prescribed number of rounds. There are no breaks between rounds—just the 10 seconds between exercises. Each round takes 2 minutes. Perform five rounds as a workout finisher, or 10 rounds as a quick 20-minute workout. 

1. BOSU Pushups (or one-arm pushups)

2. BOSU Mountain Climbers
3. BOSU Squats,
4. BOSU Burpees

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