My workouts are always intense and a little eclectic. I never know what I’m doing until I get there. Usually if it sounds like it might hurt in my head then I’ll do it.

The workout below was this week’s chest and tris. As you’ll see, I love the bosu ball for core as well as mixing up high reps with heavier basics – incorporating old school training methods.

As with everything I do, the intensity is high. When you chose your weights it should be enough to just get you through the set, but barely. With the exercises performed for a minute, I will generally use the rest-pause technique to get to completion. Give this workout a try and I guarantee it will test your endurance.

Note* The weights for the chest press are not light when taking into account the high reps performed in the exercises prior.

The Workout: 

Circuit 1 (2 rounds)

1. Push-ups on a bosu ball, alternating wide hands and close hands. (1 minute)

2. Single arm DB triceps extensions – standing on single leg on a bosu (30 reps each arm – 30 lbs.)

3. Dumbell incline bench press positives –  30 reps (1st set 70 lbs.)
Increase weight for second set and do 20 reps. Last 10 reps fight the negative with a 10 count before starting next rep.

Circuit 2 (2 rounds)

1. Kneeling cable triceps extensions (30 reps).

2. Pull-ups (1-min using rest-pause)

3. Bosu ball push-ups (1-minute)

4. Triceps push-ups (1-minute)

5. Dirty 20’s muscle ups – (See video below) 
Expert – Muscle-up into 10 dips (repeat 5 times)
Novice – Pull-ups till failure