Doug Brolus

l am 57 and my friend Ed is 73. We put a few training tips together to give the readers of Muscle & Fitness some of the great ways to build your body from the inside out at any age.

I train my body on Tuesday and Saturday. I train my total body and this gives me 72 hours to rest and grow. Ed trains his body three times a week. We do low reps with heavy weight (5 to 8 reps per set) to build muscle and grow. We do this for two weeks. The next two weeks we do high reps (15 to 50 reps per set), which is great for endurance.

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Fiber Type

The white fast twitch fibers in the muscle responds best to 5 to 8 reps with heavy weight. The red slow twitch fibers respond best for high reps of 15 to 50 per set for endurance. We switch up the training every two weeks to get muscle growth along with greater endurance.

As for diet, Ed and I eat the most nutritious foods we can to keep the organs and glands working at optimum levels. We also take large amounts of different supplements to make sure we get what  the body needs for optimal health.


I take large amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C makes a protein called collagen, the protein substance of the white fibers of the skin, tendons, bones, cartilage and all other connective tissue.

You can not live without vitamin C in you diet and it is one of the most important vitamins for bodybuilding and great health. I also take good amounts of vitamin E. It reduces oxygen requirement in tissues. Therefore when diminished blood supply or diminished available oxygen is the principal or secondary cause of distress, vitamin E alpha tocopherol can be of real help. Vitamin E is great for endurance.


We both use a machine like precision for each each exercise and on each rep. This type of training will give you the best results. The concentric contraction is when the weight goes up and the eccentric contraction is when the weight goes down. It is very important to keep great precision on each rep to make the muscles work hard.

The late Jack LaLanne gave me this advice on training and nutrition. I was friends with Jack for 35 years who often shared valuable advice on all types of training and diet. I hope this information and photo of me and Ed will inspire the readers of Muscle & Fitness to be the best they can be.